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In the face of major challenges our society is encountering – energy transition, COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical challenges – the European Union puts a strong emphasis on actively supporting key sectors. Among them are microelectronics, batteries, hydrogen, mobility, and cloud computing, which not only shape the future of Europe but also benefit from significant public funding.

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The field of microelectronics, with its numerous applications in sectors such as automotive, energy, or digital technology, is considered strategically important in Europe and is the subject of numerous opportunities for public funding.


The electrification of mobility and the increasing prominence of intermittent energy sources require Europe to have a robust battery industry. Significant public funding is being mobilized to achieve this goal.


Hydrogen is considered a key sector for Europe to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Massive public funding is directed towards the value chain of electrolyzers and fuel cells, as well as decarbonization projects.

Health & Biotechs

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted certain shortcomings in the biotechnology research and innovation system, as well as a strong dependence on Asia and the United States in the pharmaceutical industry


It has become evident that the European Union must accelerate its energy transition due to the war in Ukraine and the surge in gas prices


The Cloud is essential for the digital economy and is becoming critical for the entire economy, including innovation in various sectors.